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Buying Penny Black Stamps on Ebay

The main problem when buying Penny Black stamps is that there are many forgeries on the market. For example, an expert forger can take a stamp and 'clean' it so that it appears to be in mint condition. Evidence of cleaning can only be confirmed by expert dealers such as STANLEY GIBBON in London (399 The Strand, WC2R 0LX).

Here are some tips to follow when buying Penny Black stamps on Ebay:

1. If you buy an expensive stamp in an auction, always make sure you have full contact details of the person who sold you the stamp.

2. When the stamp arrives, take it to an expert dealer for valuation. For example, STANLEY GIBBON charge only £5 per stamp and they will do it for you while you wait.  

3.  Never bid for a stamp if the photograph looks vague or blurred or the wording of the listing is ambiguous.

4. Feedbacks scores are a good indicator of a sellers reliability, but be cautions. Some people selling stamps might not be aware themselves that they are selling forgeries.

5. If a seller claims a stamp comes from a certain plate number, always check the claim against references,

6. Always pay with PayPal as this will allow you to open a dispute if a Penny Black stamp that you buy turns out to be a forgery. Once you supply a written description of the true nature of the stamp provided by an expert, PayPal will refund your money.

7. Never buy unless the seller offers a 14day money back guarantee which will give you time to ascertain whether or not the stamp is a forgery.






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